Sunday, June 7, 2009


In this informative world, people are easier to obtain information compare to before year 1998. I still remember that I’m the very first generation to use the internet service provider by Telekom Malaysia Net (dial 1515, the dial tone is like “ti-to,ti-to“). That time we just know how to surf the net to gather information. The internet speed is slow compare to the broadband today. Internet really brings my knowledge into another level and widens my view into global mind. With globalization today, you cannot deny this. You must learn fast, get information fast, study fast, read more and work hard to make yourself competitive.

May be you can ask yourself with the few question below:-

  • · How many books you have read per year?
  • · How success you in your career? Then, ask yourself why I cannot success until today?

Invest mind is 21st century essential tool to make yourself success. What is INVEST MIND? For example, you can invest to buy some books. What!?!? You don’t like to read… Here are some methods to gain interest to read books.

Interest & Magazine

Find out what you are interested. For instance, you may like automobile, hand phone (cell phone), business, financial, investment, mother care, arts, music, electronic gadget, interior design, toys & models, property, computer, software, sports, construction, furniture, cooking recipe, baking, fishing, plantation, health, science and etc. You can go to bookstore or magazine shop to buy the magazine for yourself. You are advice to choose the magazine to suit your level (easy to understand). This can help you create more interest in future. If parent want to let your children read more, ask them what topic they like. From there, you are able to buy the suitable books or magazine for them. From magazine, you at least can get the summary information from the topic you love.


Furthermore, I would like to advise you to search latest information from the internet that the topic you like. Good website need to obtain from time to time. How can you classify a website is high or low quality? A good website always gets updated information daily or once every two days. Once you get a quality website or blog, bookmark it in your computer so that you can re-visit next time without typing the web address again. To share my way to discover new website or blog, sometime I spent some time to read in the FORUM. I like forum very much because a lot of information directly get from users and indirectly we can know what other people surfing some quality website.


In order to enhance your knowledge more skillful or technically, shop the book store to get some good book to read. Read book with specific the topic is different with magazine because book provides more explanation and illustrate some examples in the book. However, magazine is summarized of a certain topic or case for reader to digest. Therefore, you must read both kinds of materials to develop thinking model.

Development Audio

To improve your thinking or skill, you can create your own mobile university by purchasing some self development audio while you are driving. One audio CD is about 60 minutes, fully utilizing your time by learning new skill. When you are driving to or back from your work place, you can listen to self development audio CD. I believe some of the people are spending about 2 hours per day in the car (including traffic jam). Assume we have working days for 261 days (after deduct Saturday and Sunday), so you have wasting your time for 522 hours or 22 days. If you spend 522 hours or 22 days by just listening to self development audio, you can learn more other than do not. Repeat on listening to the self development audio so that the idea will slowly planted into your mind. Transform your vehicles into MOBILE UNIVERSITY.

Attend Courses

Finally, you can attend some courses to learn some practical skills and experience. There are many big (count by days) and small (finish in one day) courses organized by government and non government organization throughout the year. I’m truly recommended you attend a big course and also few small courses in a year. While listening to self development audio, some of you may never practice. By attending course, you have chance to practice during the courses. After you attended, for sure you will full of positive energy. Therefore, attend COURSES.

In conclusion, invest your mind is very important to 21st century nowadays. Invest mind is like invest a share; you must read and learn more information in order for you to success. Remember! People cannot control your mind, but you can make decision on your mind. To success or not is depend on your hand. I hope with today my sharing, I hope you can gain something.


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