Friday, June 19, 2009

Money & You and Me

Today, I would like to share my experience between Money & You (M&Y) and myself.

You may ask, what is M&Y?

Is it talking about money?

M&Y provide guidelines on how to have a successful life. It’s something like instruction book for your life. Its guide you how to balance your money and yourself. You may be very successful in your carrier, but not enjoying your family life.

Is that the life you want? Try to look at your life now…

Do you take time to accompany with your parent, children and friends?

Irresponsible life or always find excuses?

How you treat this society? Do you really help other people sincerely?

From my experience, M&Y family help me a lot. When I came to Penang working, I have faced some problem in my company. With help of M&Y family, I finally managed to get out of the problems. Sometime, our life needs someone to support.

You may not believe me now...Is a kind of feeling...Sometime hard to discuss in words...

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