Monday, June 8, 2009

The Power of Sharing

The Power of sharing culture is a trend of 21st century today. A society with sharing culture can solve a lot of problems like poverty, starving, roping, violence, fighting, disasters, engineering.... . People with sharing atitude can bring the country into loving, harmony, caring society as well. 

Why today English language is an international language? One of the reason is they share their knowledge to non-english people all around the world since long time ago. Without sharing, it won't be expand so fast and successful today. In future, Chinese population who can speak english will be exceed American.

Therefore, SHARE your knowledge and idea among your friends or colleague. All of you definitely can benefit from this sharing culture. It really can make the world, country or company improve accelerate in a short time. 

From my experience (previous companyG&P Geotechnics), the company CEO is really applying the sharing culture in the company operation. Therefore, the company become well known construction consultant company in Malaysia in less than 10 years.

Don't be selffish, you'll learn less.

Share Your View, You Will Gain More!!!

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