Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Launch of Investment Ways

It has been long time to write the Mind Investment blog. I would like to share my point of view on the investment ways through what I had learn from books, internet, newspaper etc.

However, Mind Investment not only discuss about the ways to invest in stock market or funds, it may discuss about how your invest your life. Here are some question you might answer yourself.

Do you invest yourself in education?

Do you spend enough time with my family?

Do you spend money for the books?

Do you spend money for your health?

Are you doing charity work?

Do you enjoy your life?

How much time you spend time with your friends?

How to maintain you car?

From the question above, we are actually doing investment in our daily life. They all are interrelated in our life. Everybody are chasing toward money but not wealthy (Confuss). Life wealthy can bring your life more enjoy and meaningful. I hope with my little experience and other people experience (people comments) can help you walk out of 'poor life'.

Therefore, Mind Investment not only discuss investment in stocks, but also talk about life from direction of investment.

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