Friday, October 23, 2009

Know Your Intelligence?

I found out an interesting information from Brian Tracy website. According to Master Brian Tracy, he found out that people who born into this world is perfect, complete and everyone is genius. You must know where is your ability or intelligent in your mind. Brian has categorized human into 7 intelligence. Therefore, know your ability is important. You may combine 2 or combination of those intelligence. Here are the 7 intelligence:

1) Linguistic /verbal intelligent - people who good in writing and language
2) Logical/ Maths intelligent -people who good in maths and logical thinkers
3) Visual intelligent -people who like to plan, draw (eg.: architect, designer)
4) Physical intelligent - people who like sports (eg.: dancers)
5) Personal/social intelligent - people who like to social (eg.: sales, consultant, teacher, etc.)
6) Inner personal intelligent - people who good inner knowledge (feeling type)
7) Music Intelligent - people who good in music sense

When you hire a staff or to find a partner for your business, you must know what are the intelligence he/she have? The this will help your company grow faster and smooth. People who know their ability or intelligence can learn fast and patience. Therefore, know your INTELLIGENCE is important.

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